Foreplay Game 2


Foreplay Game 2 title
Play this game with your partner before sex. A lot like truth or dare but adapted for foreplay.

This free version contains ALL features. Buy the No Ads version from Google Play to get rid of the ads.

It should work well on ALL devices, both phones and tablets.


- 2 or more players
- 630 question cards
- 230 action cards
- 5 different levels
- 41 different categories
- Add your own cards
- Export and import cards to the SDCard
- Filter cards you don't like
- Select which body parts to use

Last update 1.0.1

- 115 new actions
- 4 new body parts
- 5 new categories

Next Update 1.0.2

- More actions and questions
- Better interface

Future Updates

- More languages (German, Spanish, French, Swedish)
- Better way to share cards
- Better editor
- Sound and music
- Nicer interface

We will be happy to receive feature requests and bug reports

Enjoy the game!

Available on Google Play
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